10 Tips for Appearing Charming on Your Wedding Day

Like to dress up, and get married, these tips are right for you. Get to know some beauty tricks to light up on your big day.

1. Treat the skin to be exotic
If you don’t have time to get a beach, or swimming pool, enter a self-tanning cream, which has no skin cancer restrictions, and can give you a little gold. Your skin will stand out with the white of the dress!

2. Perfect perfume
New perfumes can give meaning to the new phase of your life. If you want to remember the big day every time you smell your perfume, choose a striking and flavorful aroma that represents the joy of the day for both of you.

3. Star Smile
Teeth whitening can give you a big advantage, not only in ceremonies, but in photos and videos from that special date. If your dentist offers a bleaching procedure, schedule an appointment at least two weeks before the big day to avoid post-bleaching gum sensitivity. Bleaching at home with a gel, recommended by your dentist, can also produce miracles for the beauty of your smile.

4. Nail a princess
Near the wedding date, nothing can be wrong with your appearance, if you are very arrogant. If this is your case, look for a manicure that uses nail gel. Thus, you do not run the risk of breaking your natural nails and going with nails that are not the same for marriage.

5. Clean the hair
Fix your hair roots if you usually paint them. Don’t forget to make good hydration with soft and smooth threads on a big day.

6. Looks tempting
For a prominent look at your photos and shooting ceremonies and parties, don’t forget fake eyelashes. Ask your makeup artist not to forget this important item that will make wonders through your eyes.

7. Sleep well
When you sleep, your skin is being repaired. Be sure to sleep eight hours a night, especially in the days before your wedding.

8. Health first
That’s the main tip. Avoid processed foods, and include lots of fruits, vegetables and vegetables in your diet. The healthier your body will be more balanced, and the more cheerful and light you will become a big day.

9. Drink water
The best natural and rejuvenating moisturizer on your skin is water! In addition, it makes all your body’s functions work effectively, and balances your health. Don’t forget to walk with a bottle, and drink all day.

10. Relaxation
This phase is quite tense. So, give yourself a good massage at a spa, salon, or masseuse. This will help ease the tension generated by ceremonies, parties and guests. Try to give yourself that luxury in the days before the wedding, after all, you deserve it!

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