5 Makeup Ideas to Do in a Short Time

Having time to dress up is always good, but we know that day by day is very fast and very interesting to have some quick makeup ideas. When you are late, but you don’t want to stop producing, you can count on a few simple tricks. Thinking about that, we have listed 5 makeup ideas that are simple and fast to do.

Is your brush ready?

Prepare the skin

All the makeup ideas that we will teach need good skin. So before doing eye makeup is very important to clean and uniform skin. In general we recommend that you use a primer to leave the skin with a uniform texture and color. Then apply your deployment base well. Cover dark circles and other marks from the skin with the help of good correction. After finishing the rest, make sure to apply solid powder to avoid oil shine.

1. Blurred eyes with dark shadows

One of the best make-up ideas for anyone who produces ballads or romantic dinners, makes the appearance dominate the night. The first step is to apply a brown shadow to a concave that spreads and fades so that the shadow covers over the eyelids. Once the foundation is established, you only need to apply a shadow of a dark shadow (it can be black or dark blue) on top of the brown that spreads well and disappears.

End with nude lipstick or pink. One tip is to do the first eye and then the skin because it can drop shadows as long as the application ‘contaminates’ the skin.

2. Eyes with an outer line of cats

Cat’s eyes are unanimous among those who love makeup and can be easily done. Start by applying the eyelids to shade the tone close to the tone of your skin. Anyone who wants to be able to mark concave colors with one or two colors above the tone of your skin, but don’t overdo it. Outline characteristics can be done in a simple way, start by drawing an external trace. Close your eyes and scratch from the center of the eye to the end creating a curve of the trace out of the display. Complete the creation of half the trail. If you have difficulty, you can draw the first stroke with eyeliner and then pass the eyeliner.

3. Cat’s eyes with inferior traces

A make that goes one step beyond what we taught above, before following the tips to make the top cat dash you have to draw with lower running eyeliner, which must be done from half of the eye out. Note that in this case you should not do an outline ‘tail’. The key is that the bottom trace must find the above. To close this, you can bet with strong red lipstick.

4. Blurred eyes with colored shadows

One of the boldest make-up ideas on this list because it requires good color coordination. The technique for blurring is the same as what we present on the first item in the list (blurry eyes with dark shadows). Among the colors most often used in this blurred version we have coral and blue. Choose a lipstick with a clearer and wiser tone, because the eye will attract attention.

5. Make it natural

To close properly the list of makeup ideas that we do in a short time can not miss the natural make. The goal is to look like it’s not made up, so you have to do a skin like the one we suggested at the beginning of the article. The eyes can receive brown pencils only from half the outside and eyelash masks. Close the display with lipstick next to your skin color.