6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

If you have a little love from family, you can bet it’s a sofa! And choosing it away from a simple mission – you need to look at various criteria and stay on top of trends to find the best model for your home, because of the diversity of choices and styles, with different colors, fabrics and types of seating, it is natural to feel hesitant when hitting the

hammer. So to help you choose the perfect sofa and leave your room the way you want, we separate 6 tips that must be had. Follow us!

1. Pay attention to your decorating style

To make your decoration, leave a beautiful space and enjoy practical space, it is very important to ensure harmony between all elements. A sofa is an item that, justified by size, stands out naturally in the environment, so it’s important to evaluate the visual impact of the option. If you start assembling a room and have a preference for vintage pieces, for example, couches must follow this line, as well as other items. Now, if your room is ready and just disappeared, choosing a very different style can endanger the balance and beauty of the room.

2. Select a sofa model

Among the criteria that involve choosing a sofa are different models. You should consider decorating proposals, places where they will be installed and the habits of people at home. In this way, know the characteristics and functions of each type. Traditional they are the most common model, namely two and three places. In many cases, a combination of a three-seat model and a two-seat model is used. Variation in structure at the height of the foot and in the chair, which can be repaired or loose.

  • Sofa bed

Ideal for those who visit frequently and do not have a living room or do not have a lot of space at home. You can install it in the living room or TV room. In terms of confection, the difference between sofa beds is comfortable because they are produced with softer materials such as foam.

  • Draw or lie down

They are very comfortable, they fall like gloves into the TV room and they are also very versatile. They can be collected to encourage movement around the environment and make it look organized – to receive visits, for example. The possibility of lying down is very comfortable, making it one of the models currently favored. Blow up Great for those who don’t have much room in the room. You can save it when not in use. Because it’s not a part that should be part of the environment, you have the opportunity to dare a little more in color and mold. However, if you have a child or pet at home, an inflatable sofa can be a risky choice.

  • Corner sofa

They are “L” shaped sofas that take full advantage of indoor space. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a model with more seating and a small environment. Look closely at the point of the room where you will leave, so as not to interfere with the road or even conflict with the door. Sofa with chaise Comfortable and versatile, a sofa with chaise is a chair that has a chair extension. You can use it to stretch your legs and rest better. There is a model that comes with a retractable chaise – so it requires less space on a day to day basis. Otherwise, they fall well as puffs and coffee tables.

But be careful: if your room is very small, it’s better to choose another type of sofa, because this model requires more space.

3. Adjust shades and colors

The color of the sofa is as a determinant of the color of the wall in the construction of the environment, and the end begins with planning harmony with the decoration. Each tone has an effect on space: cold colors give you more peace of mind. In turn, the heat conveyed a warm feeling. Bright colors provide more energy to the place and pastel shades make space look bigger.

The balance between tones is the safest choice not to miss. Does this place have many objects, images and walls with strong colors? Prefer lighter and cooler colors. Is your decoration lighter, cleaner? Maybe it’s time to bet on strong and vibrant colors or even prints for your sofa. Last but not least, remember the artifact pillow! This is a decorative object that fits perfectly with furniture. And still adding practicality to

the composition, after all, it’s much easier to change the color of the pillow in comparison to choose a sofa again.

4. Choose the fabric well

When we have children and animals at home, all we have to take into account is practicality. Because, of course, cleaning couches will occur more often, watertight fabrics are wild. But if your situation is different, the sky is the limit! Sofa fabric is the most diverse and can make your living room more sophisticated. The best known are:

  • Synthetic: easy to clean and not collect dust
  • Chenille: soft and comfortable, but difficult to clean
  • Suede: even softer than chenille and more practical to clean. That’s high
  • Jacquard: the person who carries the mold is already in its own making. The design is embossed and looks embroidered
  • Velvet: comfortable and provides an elegant atmosphere and sophistication to the environment. It’s harder to wash.
  • Corino: it is a cloth that is considered more ecological and it replaces the skin well. Easy to clean, it’s up to consumers.

5. Review the type of padding

This type of clothing also determines the style of the sofa. To give a retro and beautiful tone to furniture, paddings in botonĂȘ and capitonĂȘ are the best requests. These techniques use materials attached to the coating to form geometric numbers. And what’s the difference between them? The captain is made with a string and “picture” depends on the distance between the points where he will be repaired. This button is made with a button that is very attached to the padding. The numbers are defined according to the button layout.

6. Measure your space before choosing a sofa

Look carefully at this aspect. Having the right size for the size of the room and the place where you want to place furniture is very important. Imagine falling in love with a model that doesn’t fit the space you have? Or, then, choose a non-foldable sofa that doesn’t pass through the door? At the very least, this will be frustrating. Buying a sofa before making sure the room holds the pieces is quite risky. It is recommended to measure everything carefully to avoid headaches.

And if you put a chair in the room, consider also the comfortable space between them and the sofa to facilitate people’s movements. Another interesting tip is to check the availability of space to change it from that place, if you want to give a variety in the position of furniture.

Home decoration and leaving your little corner in your own way is always fun. And that can also be more practical. Choosing a sofa is an important part of assembling decorations and offering comfort for you, your family and visitors.

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