Beckham Publishes Photo Biography

Beckham Publishes Photo Biography

Beckham Publishes Photo Biography. David Beckham’s career will again be booked. But this time will appear in a different form because the book will be launched in the form of a collection of photos.

The plan, the launch of the book collection of photos will be done on 31 October. Ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid players took Legardere, a French publishing company in the UK, to publish his book.

Legardere’s director for the non-fiction division, Jonathan Taylor, said the book would be one way Beckham celebrates his former glory years ago.

“David Beckham, undoubtedly, a very famous and popular athlete in the universe, will become a way for millions of fans in the world to appreciate his work in football,” Taylor told Reuters.

Beckham recorded 115 seals with The Three Lions, nicknamed the England team. Together with Manchester United, the father of four children also tasted almost all the prestigious title. One-time Champions League champions, six-time Premier League champions, and two FA trophies won.

Victoria Beckham’s husband also contributed significantly when Real Madrid became champions La Liga 2006/2007. Beckham took part when the United States club, LA Galaxy, became champion in 2012. His career also ended sweetly at Paris Saint-Germain. PSG became the champion of Ligue 1 season 2012-2013.

Taylor predicts the sales of Beckham’s collection of photographs will not be difficult. Beckham himself is now in the management of XIX Entertainment, which also works with Lewis Hamilton and Scottish-born Andy Murray.

Although already declared retirement, Beckham still has a very high selling value. He is still listed as the richest player in the world and keeps selling well as ad star. The name Legardere later became more prominent after the release of the novel Fifty Shades of Gray and biography Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Sad, One by One Children David Beckham Leaving the Soccer Academy

British footballer David Beckham should be proud of the achievements of his three sons who made it into Arsenal’s soccer academy. Although his father long defended Manchester United team, it turns out Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham is a fan of the Arsenal club and chose to enter the academy Arsenal. David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham strongly support his boys’ choice in following his father’s footsteps into a professional footballer.

But unfortunately, the football career of two of the three sons of Beckham did not last long. Brooklyn Beckham, having turned down offers from big clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United, decided to join Arsenal in late 2014. Himself is the first Beckham brothers get a professional contract even though his sister, Romeo, has a year playing at Arsenal’s U-13 club.

It is unfortunate that Brooklyn who is currently 15 years old only lasted a season at Arsenal. He decides to quit the team and has not decided whether to be a career in professional football or to pursue his other passion, such as photography. Currently, he is focusing on photography.

Now, 13-year-old Romeo is steadily following in the footsteps of his brother who left the Gunners. Although his departure has not been finalized because there are still many issues and issues to be resolved before leaving the club, Gunners Hale End’s academy is certainly already taking care of the completion of Romeo’s trip at the academy.