How to Get a Cheap Wood Cart?

Cheat buy Wood Wagon?

What happens when the wood cart you buy do not comply with your wishes? For example, simply broken. Disappointed, angry, upset. But the rice has turned into porridge. Everything is gone. He wants weapons, he has to use the broken car.

how to get a cheap wood cart

The misleading experience is the most avoidable. Especially when buying Wood cart that are used for business. Avoid the word misguided when buying wood cart. We are deliberately writing this article to help you avoid cheating.

We must be honest because right now many are hesitant to buy Wood cart online. The reason is very classic to avoid fraud. One day, someone contacted us via a private message. He remembers the bitter experience when ordering Wood cart in XX.

History, XX is positioned as a car producer Wood an. He asked this DP victim for the money Rp. 1,000,000. To summarize, when DP sent, he gave no news to the victim. Finally, the victim came to the conclusion that he had entered the trap of cheating. He also felt that the trauma is now being deceived when buying a car online.

We try to help find out who this person is. And after we ask the other manufacturers, it turns out that XX is not a manufacturer but a reseller. Even many carts manufacturers are deceived by this XX.

The second experience, the history of consumers buy cart for business wood an. He has already sent the RFP. But this time, it was booked at the original manufacturer. But unexpectedly, it turns out that the cart are of poor quality. The quality of wood and finishing is also bad. He told us with great disappointment and intends to ask for a quality trolley.

In fact, not just the victims who feel disappointed and angry. Wood cart manufacturers everywhere feel excitement. Because the company is contaminated by the act of a handful of people who, from the beginning, try to deceive the consumers. But it’s a business. There is always a risk to face. Reviving consumer confidence is the main task.

Buy wood an wagon through the Internet should be careful. But do not conclude that this whole online van business is a fraud. In addition to its position in Jakarta or Bandung, while the producers are in Klaten and Jogja. The only effective way to sell products is through the Internet.

Avoided Wood an Wagon Scams Tips

We must be honest because we have complaints from consumers. At that time, the foot of the van Wood broke when it was lowered from the delivery truck. We try to remember if she broke when she was still in the showroom. We have the last picture before sending it. And it turns out that the products are safe, fit, without defects.

We explain that the possibility of a broken leg occurs during the delivery process. We try to coordinate with the sending party. Finally, it is true that the damage occurred during the expedition. Alhamdulillah our customers understand this condition. But we must remain responsible. Because it involves the three parts that we establish through these three parts. We gave money to repair the foot of the car.

There are some tips avoided from scams. For example:

[1] Recognize the profile

It is mandatory to recognize the manufacturer’s profiles. What happens if we recognize manufacturers only through a marketplace like OLX, Bukalapak? Indeed, the weakness of the market does not allow to recognize the seller. But can you ask if you have a website? Why the website? Because this site is the official platform. To manage it, it should only be serious and spend capital.

[2] Discussion

Profile recognition is not enough. After recognizing the manufacturer, you should talk to the manufacturer. Ask how they detail the products, the quality of the wood, the delivery, the payment. The discussion is important. You must have understood how a crook is. In general, they do not want to speak directly because of nervousness. They can also be smart to talk to, but they do not master the details of Wood cart. That’s the problem you have to dig.

For craftsmen Wood certainly no problem on demand. It will feel good because the consumer responds. And do not forget that when you consult the design desire, it means that the work is clear. Perjain lives in. Do not allow him to give orders, whether for design or painting at the end of work, because when the carriage is open, it cannot be changed.

[3] Payment

When you argue, you will definitely ask about the payment. Well, here is the most important thing. In general, crooks deceive the consumer by giving him full payment in the beginning. Or pay a high DP (remember the story of the previous scam). After that, block your phone number.

Choose a manufacturer that offers a user-friendly payment system. You can pay DP but not too high. For example, DP 400-500. The rest is for payment when the goods are delivered. With that do not worry when buying wood cart.

Oh yes, in fact, wood car dealers have experienced fraud. For example, when we accept wood an basket orders with a special design. As soon as the car was finished and we shipped it to Jakarta, the buyer did not buy the car. We were very disappointed. As a car dealer, of course, we lose capital, energy and shipping costs. We could have put that in the field of law. But because we think of little people, we do not think so. But it is not impossible for us to continue if we have often lived this affair. After all, we have the right to legal protection.

The fact is that consumers when buying Wagon Wood or the producers when selling Wagon Wood are also potentially fraudulent. The question is like a bet on who is good at cheating. Honestly, it’s sad.

Through this article, we would like to invite you, as well as millions of Indonesian citizens, to create a healthy climate for the business world of our beloved country. Do not make this business world like a jungle, who is strong and who can do it. This is not a progress but a setback. We should be embarrassed by China, which is beginning to understand how the business ecosystem has been formed. The government protects small businesses and consumers.

We must remember that every time we make a fraud, we will feel the same. If he is not deceived, we will be miserable because it is the law of nature that God has established. As good as the squirrels, the jump will surely fall.

If you want to buy wood an wagon then be serious. It is the initial capital that must be created in business. You must also carefully select the manufacturers as the previous katakana administrator. And for car manufacturers, they must also respect the rights of consumers. Do not let them be disappointed.

We will create business in Indonesia in a healthy way. Because we need the ecosystem probably still a lot that has not been transmitted in this document because deceptive cases of corporate deception often occur. We hope to maintain the commitment between consumers and producers.

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