Natural Makeup Tips for Everyday, Try Doing It!

It’s true that every woman likes to feel beautiful, with imperfect skin and with a pointed appearance and sensual lips, but … it’s not always that we are in the mood or time to make a neat make. Before thinking that you have to leave a “washed face”, know that it is possible to make NATURAL MAKEUP and that only secretly accentuates your face, with a little beauty and a little time!

Natural makeup is without exaggeration, thin layers and thoughtful colors, ideal for everyday work or school and for those who don’t have much time for complicated makeup.

See basic products to achieve a very natural effect

1. Base: it can be liquid, which works well on any skin type and is easy to apply, choose one in your skin color

2. Corrective: also in the tone of the skin, can be found in a stick or liquid too

3. Shadow: In discreet colors that match your skin color and eye color and hair, it can also be cream, powder or even a pencil, which is easy to apply.

4. Lipstick or lip gloss (your choice) with a very wise color, such as shades of pink or bright pink

5. Mascara for eyelashes: may be colorless, which only highlights eyelashes without weighing or black if the person chooses.

6. In natural makeup cases, eyeliner pencil, eyelash curler and face powder are optional, can be used without problems and always complete makeup, of course, but it depends on whether the person usually uses it or likes to use it, it

Step by step to do make-up for the day

1. Start by leaving the skin clean, then use a liquid foundation or mix a little sunscreen with the base and apply it to the entire face very smoothly, without overfilling.

2. Concealer must be applied in areas that need correction, such as dark circles.

3. Apply color throughout the eyelids, with a very light tone, according to your choice. Then, just on the top of the eyelid with a round brush (“cat tongue”), apply shadows in a darker color, maybe brown. It smooths well to combine tones without leaving a boundary marking of two colors.

4. Apply a mask to the lashes only selected on the upper lashes, if it is black, try not to spend more than two layers so that it is not heavy.

5. Eyebrows must be neat, you can use pencil eyeliner which is lighter than hair or shadows are also more natural hair can also use colored eyelash masks to “comb” the cord.

6. Apply lipstick or gloss.

As suggested, you can use other products that you like and use, as long as they have different colors and do not weigh in visual. Liquid eyeliner, for example, should not be used.

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