Pay attention to how to choose the ideal sofa you should know

The sofa sometimes takes on the role of the main character in the decoration of the living room A key piece that often determines the choice of the remaining furniture and, as a rule, is the first article obtained for this division. Choose a simple and contemporary line, but remember the choice of a comfortable model ideal for first sleep. The choice of sofa depends on the type of decoration, color, configuration and size of the room. Important aspects such as location, function and durability must be taken into account. It is important to consider the various types of sofas available in the market and to assess which one best meets the requirements of the function to be performed.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect sofa:

Sofa type

The chaise longue sofa has extra chairs that are comfortable to relax, allowing you to be more comfortable with a little stretch of your legs. They are in different styles, from the most classic to the most modern, and in different colors and formats. The chaise longue can also be purchased as a single element and complement other sofas that are already in the division. They don’t have to really fit in with other sofas, and may have different patterns or colors. However, keep it in harmony with room decoration. Sofa corner is ideal for utilizing small spaces. Because of its shape, they efficiently utilize all the corners of the wall without taking up the

central space. They are very comfortable and a quite popular choice when choosing a sofa for the living room. Because of its shape, they are also ideal for families who usually receive many visits, and can provide between 5 and 7 comfortable places. Sofa beds are a practical and economical multi-functional choice. During the day, they serve as comfortable seating and, at night, serve as beds for daily use or unexpected situations. They are the ideal choice for visitors who want to spend the night with their families. A sofa bed offers additional comfort for your guests to spend the night, without having to have additional space for this function. Ergonomic sofas, although not aesthetically appealing, are ideal for those who seek maximum comfort, adjustable headrests and extended seats with

independent movements. This type of sofa is versatile and multi-functional, being a good investment compared to more traditional sofas. They can be adjusted according to individual preferences, thus providing a higher level of satisfaction and comfort. Usually this type of sofa is marked with more classic lines, because they visually take up more space.

Location and function

Learn about this location to fit its size with available space, keep in mind the distance to the remaining furniture and decorative elements. It is also important to predict how many places can be considered, making it easier to choose a model. Also specify the function that the sofa will have. Is it a sofa to watch television comfortably? Or do you want to sleep in it? If you often receive a visit, remember that the sofa must serve more than just your family’s elements and must be bigger.

Choice of fabric

If you want a durable sofa, you should always choose a sofa with a thick cloth. Keep in mind that the strength of the fabric is not given by its weight or thickness, but by the weft. At the time of purchase, try stretching the fabric and pulling it out until the fabric is open or warps to assess its strength. If you want to choose the brightest color sofa, remember to evaluate whether the fabric has anti-sun care and good anti-stain. Choose a sofa with a removable cover, which you can change, and can be machine washed.