Pulau Seribu | Best and Cheap Family Vacation

Best and cheap family vacation on Pulau Seribu

This is the way if you want to do a quality cheap vacation for your family but it is safe and does not drain your pocket, especially on Pulau Seribu.

Vacationing with all family members is sure to be a dream for many tourists. We really have to know the tricks so that they can be fun without making a bag break.

Crowded holidays are definitely more fun than on a vacation alone. Moreover, those invited are beloved family members.

Well, the problem is that holiday crowded with family is certainly a consideration because of the heavy overload. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Provided that tourists know the tips to cut expenses, such as the following:

1. Hunting cheap holiday promotions

If you want to save on holiday expenses with your family, you should be diligent in looking for cheap holiday promotions. There are many offers that you can choose according to your needs.

2. Determine the date long ago

Don’t rush to determine a holiday date. Pay attention to the exact time that does not interfere with children’s schooling. For example, when the day is pinched, or the academic calendar at school is relaxed. For parents, wedged days or long weekends can be options, so that leave can be saved.

Determining the date well in advance also helps us get a lot of promotions for cheap airline tickets and cheap hotels. This is all because we determine the holiday date long ago

3. Choose a family destination

It’s called a family vacation, making sure to choose a vacation spot that can be enjoyed by all family members. Find destinations that can be enjoyed with children, to parents. This destination is like a beach, or a recreational park. Remember, this is a family vacation, everyone must be happy.

4. Discipline with budget

In planning a vacation, of course, any expenditure items have been calculated. Especially if we don’t want to waste money. How well to eat, how much to shop for souvenirs.

Do not get hungry in the eyes, buy food or things that we do not need. As a result, we overturn. With these tips, you can also vacation with all family members while still saving costs.

5. Look for a cheap Travel Agent on Pulau Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu is a cheap tourist spot in Jakarta. Pulau Seribu has many small islands that have affordable prices.

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