Remodeling Of Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are an important part of the home, and even more so if you try to sell it. If you are renovating a bath or just planning a few updates, you need to know which projects you should invest most of your money and time to get the best return on your investment.

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the biggest projects you can do in your home. In the end, a bathroom renovation costs $ 8,820 on average, and most owners spend between $ 6,569 and $ 9,872. Such investments should ensure that you make the right decision, especially if you plan to sell your home and increase its costs.

The bathroom can become the main selling point for home buyers. “It may seem strange, but we should spend time in our bathrooms,” said Emily Höfler, kitchen and bathroom specialist at Renovations Group Inc. “I think a well-made bathroom attracts a potential buyer because it occupies a functional space In an attractive space where the buyer sees himself, people buy houses in which they can see themselves as living beings. ”

Even if you do not do a complete overhaul, you can do different projects to improve the value of your home. Here are some areas to focus on:

To improve the bathroom

You can see them as small details, but the outdated accessories in your bathroom can make the whole room obsolete, even if you try to make the rest look elegant.
“The change of sanitary facilities from paint to white enamel is a pretty simple switch that will make the outdated bathroom cooler,” said Heffler. “Especially if these sanitary fittings are pastel pink or blue.”
Depending on what you need to replace and update, it can be a budget change that your bathroom needs! For example, the average cost of installing a new collector is $ 235. And most owners choose this project, which saves even more money.

Update the color of the color for the bathroom

Even if you do not think that it is very important, the color of your bathroom can make or break the decision of the buyer. You want your bathroom to be a place where you can see yourself and how your bathroom should look with your dream. Although you like light pink, it may not be the taste of the buyer.
Höfler suggests clinging to the eternal vision. “If you make changes in your bathroom before you bring it to market, remember to use neutral colors and maintain the style of your home so potential buyers have a clean tablet for work,” he said.
When planning this project, keep in mind that the average housekeeping cost of a home is $ 1,679 and most homeowners spend between $ 1,130 and $ 1,826. Of course, you can always do DIY, but if you want to increase the value of your home, you have to make sure it’s perfect.

Improve your shower

While the luxurious bathroom always contained a large bathroom, the time changes. Modern trends point to big rain showers. Heffler said when it comes to showers, a glass shower is the look of many owners.

“Almost all bathroom projects that I design involve one,” he said. “Even a small 3’x3″ shower can be much more attractive with a glass cabinet. I think the call to the people who have them and want to buy a house they are in is not just because the shower is so luxurious, it also makes the whole bathroom more open. What was once a small bathroom can almost double the size of a glass shower, and that’s attractive. ”
She mentions, however, that there should be a bathroom in the house for families with small children and pets.
If you’re already taking a shower, you probably want a budget to reflect this trend. The average cost of double glazed windows is $ 700 to $ 1,900.