Surprise Idea Of ? Applying For a Lover That You Can Copy

The demand for marriage is something every woman dreams of. This is a very special moment! I keep a memory of the day when I was asked to get married, I lived almost an hour trying to hold back my tears of happiness.

In order for a marriage proposal to be perfect, it is very important that this pair is in line with that desire, and it is also necessary to consider the partner’s profile before “executing the plan.” For example: For a more reserved partner, to make a scandal with a megaphone on the street of a boyfriend’s house, besides killing him with shame, is the risk of taking nothing in front of everyone. The involvement of friends and family can also be considered, as long as the couple really wants to share this moment with everyone, if not a classic candle light dinner has solved the problem. For radical, creative, timid and super-related couples, no problem, below we have chosen 7 inspirations to make surprise wedding requests with a touch of creativity.

1. At the amusement park
Not many people do this, but this idea can be an option. Besides being unique, applying for an amusement park will give a different impression. He only paid attention to the request after seeing the photo at the end of the tour.

2. Hidden Surprise
Defeat the urge to eat chocolate and your girlfriend comes with one and is filled with wedding requests. Or what about a very romantic dinner with fortune cookies with engagement rings?

3. Collective Order
Birthday parties or casual meetings, whatever the reason makes the request more special with the help of family and friends. Value of posters and even choreography.

4. Artwork
For anyone who is an artist, how to express your desire outside of art on a beach, park or tree? You can use this idea as an option to apply for your lover.

5. With the help of a loyal friend
There is no more friendly partnership. It is impossible not to be moved by such an ally. Try asking a few of your friends to help, and see what happens.

6. During a coffee break
It’s hard to refuse to drink a cup of coffee during school, nothing is more fun than drinking a cup of coffee over the weekend. For smart girlfriends who are hard to fool, there is a pretext of suspicion. Options are always available, can this be your choice? Yes, at least do it to find out the results.

7. Pendulum
If you think you have no creativity and no time to make requests for your girlfriend. OK! Often less. Make this surprise and expect a very interesting reaction from it.

Here are some ideas for applying for a lover that you can copy. Maybe with a little improvisation you can provide fun for your lover. And of course after applying for a lover immediately invite your lover to the wedding. Hopefully useful, to meet again with other tips.