Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels are not only owned by diabetics but healthy people – including you, too, can experience it. Although it is the person that has a high blood sugar have largely undiagnosed diabetes or pre-diabetes. Many people may not be aware that their blood sugar is rising and it is quite dangerous. Therefore, know the symptoms and a sign of high blood sugar in your body.
Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar
The various symptoms and signs high blood sugar
Increased blood sugar condition will surely change the function of your body at the time. Here is various telltale high blood sugar in the body that you should know:

1. always feel thirsty, but frequent urination
Caution If you always feel thirsty despite drinking lots of water. Not lost thirst is a sign of high blood sugar is most often the case. This is caused because Your kidney function is interrupted shortly after the body is not able to control blood sugar. A fluid that is supposed to be reabsorbed by the kidney, thus out with sugar. These conditions ultimately make you a lack of fluids and frequent urination altogether.

2. feeling fatigue
Sugar is the main source of energy in the body. If the blood sugar is high, should the energy possess the body more and more? But in fact, the high blood sugar cannot be processed properly and interfere with the function of insulin so that the body does not process and lack of energy. That condition makes you become quickly tired.

3. always hungry but in fact the weight down
Although it has been eating a lot, still no blood sugar processed into energy due to too much. Your body’s cells don’t get the food, so you feel constantly hungry and your appetite increases. This condition can also make your weight go down unexpectedly.

4. Vision becomes blurry
Signs of high blood sugar levels more is the ability to see a decline. So, when blood sugar rises, the body is not able to make the energy ought to be used for the fuel into all tissues of the body, including the nervous system. In this case, the neural networks in the sense of sight can also be compromised, ultimately your eyesight becomes blurry.

5. Dry mouth
Dry mouth or xerostomia commonly referred to is a sign of high blood sugar. High blood sugar causes saliva glands are compromised so it does not generate saliva normally. Usually, the symptoms are also experienced while experiencing this condition is painful and a pain in the gums and teeth.

How to keep your blood sugar levels remained normal and stable?
Blood sugar levels very closely related to the diet and lifestyle of you every day. If you are experiencing a rise in blood sugar levels, then consider and evaluate again your current lifestyle. Eating food uncontrollably and did not see the need or calorie servings can make your blood sugar levels soaring. Let alone not accompanied with regular gym habits, then it is not impossible in the end you will have diabetes mellitus.